A ready to use conversation analytics platform developed on the latest technology. Delivers superior quality control, regulatory compliance, and powerful customer insights.

Automatically checks every customer conversation across voice, chat and email for quality and compliance. Strengthens security and risk management. Identifies vulnerable customers and customer sentiment. Provides deep data insights with near real-time management reports and feedback for agents to self-improve.

  • Total data security
  • Multi-lingual
  • Voice verification security
  • Serious issue alerts
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Trend analysis

INSURANCE Fact check – every customer conversation.
Immediate alert on compliance failures
Complete data security
GOVERNMENT Spot vulnerable callers in real-time
Automatic alert to authorities
Automated survey analysis
CALL CENTRES Quality check 100% of customer interactions
Validate customer sales in real-time
Self learn to improve service performance
Measure customer sentiments on every conversation
Authenticate and re-verify agents and customers using their unique voice biometrics security

Our Services

Voice Verification. Transcription. Redaction. Real-time Alerts. Sentiment and Vulnerability Index. Customised Checks. Trend Analysis.

Transforming Quality & Compliance with Artificial Intelligence.

As customer demands for seamless, personalised service increases, businesses are turning to AI robots to meet these demands. A series of reports from CXReview will explore the impact of AI on the business, the call centre and the customer.

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