CXR Quality 

Unchecked non-compliance by contact centres can cost business dearly. Meet increasingly tough regulatory and customer demands with automated 100% 24/7 checks across all channels for quality and compliance using Artificial Intelligence.  Read more..

CXR Sales Performance Management 

Empower your sales people with knowledge, confidence, professionalism and listening skills to increase motivation and conversion rates. Read more..

CXR Self Learning Coaching 

See instant results by presenting front line staff with the power to self improve rather than attend set training sessions. Use situation-driven tools to understand different customer experience. Read more..

What we can do for you

The more you can take people from reactive Customer Service to proactive Customer Experience (CX), the better your customer satisfaction and the better the business.

CXReview helps your contact centre deliver superior CX, sales performance and quality monitoring through a process of innovation and continuous improvement. We use the latest technology to help you identify and rectify problems in your service encounters and see where to improve performance.

Using your data securely, we start by listening to your customer conversations across all channels using Natural Language Processing (NLP). Your customer issues are automatically sensed and recognised in real time.

Then we speedily analyse these conversations for sentiment, engagement, compliance, opportunities and quality. This is made possible by the smart application of automation, embedded Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies. By applying chat bots, voice bots and email bots, we then help you increase self-service interactions for routine and repetitive tasks, releasing your agents for high touch human interactions.

You are presented with automated alerts for immediate attention, deep insights, summarised reports for management, quality audits, process improvements, and better customer service and sales performance.

Transforming Quality & Compliance with Artificial Intelligence.