Key Features

Our AI based Voice and Text Analysis sytem allows you to deep-dive into all customer communications without really deep-diving.

Product Manager

Customer reception to new product and product changes are critical to its success, particularly when assessed against the competition.

Brand perception is critical and CXReview will deliver this continuous feedback to continue to increase product acceptance in the market.

CXReview is designed to give control of the product decision to the human expert with powerful data from the voice of the customer.

Contact centre Management

Quality of customer service is a prime responsibility f the call centre manager and their leadership team. An ability to analyse service performance down to an individual agent with a few clicks is a valuable capability to pin point and address problems immediately.

Adding the customer sentiments and vulnerability index enriches the information to customer service management, providing a 360° view of the customer.

Quality Manager

Role of the quality team in contact centres is to listen to a small subset of all conversations for quality of service and report them against a marking template.

CXReview’s automatic transcription can listen to 100% of the calls and automatically mark them for quality against your pre-defined template, giving the quality team to transform to quality improvers from quality checkers.

Independent and immediate feedback to advisors for a more dynamic customer service approach.

Team Leaders

Managing individual advisors in Call centres is often a challenging task for team leaders.

CXReview delivers an immediate assessment of the agent performance on every call, not only for the accuracy of service but the quality of customer interaction through the measurement of Sentiment and vulnerability.

Automatic and independent marking of agent performance and immediate feedback mechanism and conversation level provides team leaders with invaluable tools to manage their team of advisors.


Customers dictate the role of agents in a call centre, who are often under pressure from all sides.

CXReview offers advisors access to their own conversation environment where they can view and analyse their own performance on calls, but also get direct feedback from the quality and team managers. This presents a self-learning environment where advisors can find their own path to deliver great customer experience.

Schedule a demo of CX Review and find an easier way to get to the data of your interest. With sentence and AI driven sentiment analysis, leverage and get deeper insight into the performance of your representatives.

As customer demands for seamless, personalised service increases, businesses are turning to AI robots to meet these demands. A series of reports from CXReview will explore the impact of AI on the business, the contact centre and the customer.